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Taking good care of your skin should be a manageable task. At Éridan, we understand this challenge, and we provide a productive solution:

Skin Care with a multitasking intent. Our approach is to simplify the process by offering a range of potent products that help nourish and revitalize your skin.

The rule of one

One Face Wash. One Tonic Mist. One Serum. One Cream. 

And a power of will to make you prosper every day. That’s all you need.

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve visible results with durability and convenience. Consistency is vital in achieving optimal outcomes. Let us assist you in streamlining your powerful yet simple skincare regimen. 

Nature. Science. Éridan.

Éridan was born as an idea for a dissertation and slowly grew into a love for better cosmetics and a lifelong commitment powered by science and knowledge. 

For Inspiration and solutions to all our quests, we ask Mother Earth. Seeking within ourselves and the resources around us where only the best answers match our perspective. 

Closely following the ingredients’ interaction to see how they affect our nature and designing skincare accordingly, reducing scarring, toning the skin, and postponing aging. 

Our formulas quickly absorb into the skin, providing lightweight yet highly moisturizing benefits that penetrate deep into the layers. Which helps combat the harmful effects of UV light, scarring, lack of moisture, and dehydrated, flaky skin.

At the same time, our products are gentle and pampering, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and dewy no matter the season or outside effects.

Awakening touch, smell, and taste, Éridans collection can replenish skin and Earth. If you ever had to spill elixirs from our cosmetics on the foil, it will prosper and thrive as much as your complexion does.  

Altruistic. Innovative. Dedicated.

Éridan chooses wisely and doesn’t compromise using the Earth’s finest components for the benefit of the skin and recycles them back for our planet to enjoy, too: 

  • Stem cells
  • Plant Peptides
  • Probiotics
  • Finest Pro-Marine Collagen
  • Aluminum and Glass Packaging
  • Bio Cotton 
  • Eco Paper
  • Organic Honey
  • Bio Oils


Highlight your inner glow with cosmetics that help retain the skin’s original state of well-being. Natural products pamper the skin like no other chemical-based skincare can. Éridan contains no harsh, astringent ingredients.

Going Green With Éridan

The Environmental Commitment

We aim to improve with the latest beauty trends, keeping Integrity close to the Éridans dictionary. Constantly evolving, we aim high for the future of our brand, and we know that the only way up is to care for our Planet as much as we care for the health of our skin. 

One material can have Eco-friendly properties, but if it’s rare on Earth, it’s useless because its availability is limited.

Our packages are made from Bio Cotton, Eco Paper, Glass, Aluminum, and UK recycled Plastic, all plentiful in resource and eco-friendly. Choosing Éridan Cosmetics helps achieve maximum benefits with minimal environmental impact.

Going Green with Éridan is a lifestyle and a dedicated process. Making a difference in responsibly redefining beauty every day.

Knowledge. Intention. Results

Éridan has accomplished many outstanding achievements, and we want to take a moment to highlight a few that stand out to us. We take pride in these achievements and feel that they warrant acknowledgment.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Recyclable
  1. GMP Certified 

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a prestigious certificate issued by the EU that proves a brand’s commitment to its audience by providing only high-quality products. 

Every aspect of Éridan Cosmetics succumbs to rigorous regulations, such as Infrastructure, Staff, Production Control, and Quality Control. 

Everything from scratch that Éridan produces succumbs to the rigorous regulations and raw elements derived from Nature to the finishing bottle of Éridan goodies on your nightstand.

  1. Product Information File (PIF)

Skin Care, Hair Care, Toddler Care, and everything that Éridan offers has a PIF No. 

PIF number is one of the essential assets regarding the legal requirements for placing a product on the market in the EU. This means all the following requests Éridan provides to their beloved customers diligently and responsibly:

  • Cosmetic Product Safety Report
  • Product Description
  • Methods Of Manufacture
  • Challenge test
  • Microbiological Investigation
  1. Climate Change Regulation 

All our Products are recyclable and use already recycled materials such as UK recycled plastic, aluminum packaging, Bio Cotton, and Eco Paper. 

A few final words from Éridan

Embark toward vibrant and healthy skin with Éridan’s eco-friendly products. Achieve the ideal synergy of science and nature while positively impacting your skin and the environment. Your journey towards sustainable beauty and a glowing complexion starts today, right here and right now. 


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